Fady Salib


Building Next-Gen Platforms

Fady is an accomplished engineering and management leader known for his exceptional ability to inspire and drive innovation within his teams. With a solid foundation in both professional experience and education, he has successfully fostered a culture of creativity and consistently delivered on strategic plans. His expertise lies in leading and managing world-class teams, evident through his impressive track record of delivering cutting-edge products and systems.

Fady holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed University of Toronto, where he honed his technical skills, and an MBA from the University of Illinois, which equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of business strategy and leadership.

Currently serving as the esteemed leader of Orthoplex Solutions, a prominent Canadian company specializing in the design and development of custom platforms, Fady’s role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. These include overseeing various business areas, managing project teams, ensuring the successful delivery of solutions, nurturing client relationships, and driving the overall growth and success of the company.

Fady is deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and remains dedicated to contributing to the advancement of the engineering and management industry.

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